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The Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre (WMI CRC or Wound CRC) is a federally funded national research centre that brings together the best of industry, academia and end user organisations.  The CRC's activities operate across the following four areas: research, development, education and clinical translation.


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Wound Healing Institute Australia

Diabetic Foot Australia

Wound Innovations

WHIA is an exciting new company formed by the CRC and offers health care professionals and organsiations evidence based, accredited and industry recognised online learning, telehealth and organistaional audits. You can start learning online now from a range of advanced wound care topics.

Diabetic Foot Australia (DFA) has been established to end avoidable amputations, as a result of foot wounds, in a generation. You can get involved with DFA today by checking out their latest news, events and research.

The CRC has launched a  national centre of wound excellence, Wound Innovations, which combines clinical services,

telehealth, education and research to deliver

optimal wound care. The Centre  provides treatment facilities in Brisbane and a telehealth service nation-wide. Patients and health professionals can refer to the service.

Credentialing for Advanced Wound Clinicians

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The CRC is launching the nation's first credentialing system for clinicians practicing in the specialty area of wounds. Credentaling provides patient and organisational reassurance that a health professional has received the training and competence that is reflective of current best practice.

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